DCF - MEE: "Making English Easy"




The organization identifies that English language still stands as a nightmare for poor and underprivileged students despite of its global language status. Especially government school students, that too students those who study through Tamil/regional medium, find it bizarre and mystifying. Our challenge in this mission was to equip and train these students to read, write and speak in English which had remained as a dream before for the students. Also we aimed at kindling their confidence and ability to pursue the spark provided through this project in their future life for a greater achievement. The impact of this was program would be so evident that the convocation day program for the course would be conducted completely by the students in English Language. This would also be reflected in their yearend academic results as well. The project is FULLY supported & endorsed by great hearted volunteer scholars, college students, retired professionals and corporate employees. The program also brings eminent personalities in this field as special trainers and motivational speakers. DCF-MEE designed the course materials and the program runs with lot of motivational initiatives, with give away like pens, notebooks, educational materials and gifts for the students excel in this project.

The kind of students benefitted are mostly first generation literates and their parents are daily wage earners and manual laborers. For them speaking in English is a dream and an impossible task but we know that we can very well bring a breakthrough through this initiative. "People make a difference". Yes this is absolutely true!!!. The estimated cost for this course per person according to market value is Rs.12000 (~200$) and so the cost for 50 students benefit would amount to Rs.375000 (10000$) /batch which we were able to provide freely by investing our valuable time; skills, materials and all available help for the cause of future generation.5 Batches completed. 6th Batch running successfully…

Course Frequency: 2 times in a year in an area.

Duration: 4 to 5 months (only weekends)

Recognition: Certificate from DCF; first three rank students can enter directly into Project Computer Killadies; Prizes

Teaching methodology:

  • COURSE MATERIAL : DCF –Spoken English material
  • TEACHING AIDS : Through classroom training, Audio CDs, Video CDs by using LCD projectors, activity based learning, exercises and through games.
  • Students will be provided with ID cards and their attendance is maintained in the Registers.
    • Student’s progress reports will be maintained.
    • Students would be given lot of activities, assignments and to prepare presentations..etc
    • Special lectures by eminent personalities.
    • Group discussions and many competitions will be held among the students in order to develop competitive spirit and interpersonal communication skills.
    • Best student awards will be given.

Selection Process:

  • Students should be from economically poor background and has willingness to com eup in life.
  • Students should call the coordinator for the registration.
  • During registration the students should bring – 2 photos; Copy of mark sheet and community certificate.
  • During registration students will go through a short interview.
  • Selection panel will shortlist the candidates for the batch.
  • Selected students have to enroll to get their ID card and other materials.
To apply:
  1. Register your name and details through online www.devasitham.com
  2. Contact Office – 044 -224
  3. Write to us – info@devasitham.com


On closing ceremony each successfully completed student will be honored with a Certificate and a gift.

Special Prizes:

  1. 3 Outstanding students will get a direct admission to Computer Killadies along with special prizes
  2. 100% Attendance prize
  3. Oratorical winner prize
  4. Essay winner prize.
  5. Best Project prize.

Watch out Making English Easy - Free Spoken English for school and college students through a video:.

PROJECT COMPUTER KILLADIES - (The computer players)




A must have skill in today’s competitive and globalised job market are the “computer skills” which would greatly enhance the prospects for our student community in Chennai and make them eligible to utilize the wave of opportunities created by globalization in India.

Using the skills they have acquired, the students can strive to achieve financial independence by seeking work in word processing, database preparation, office management, basic software applications etc which are opportunities plentiful in the area & also build on these skills to have a career in the booming IT & BPO sector in India.

Register your name and details if you are looking for this initiative or contact Mr. Selvakumar (Ph: +919841626565; Email: selvatsk@gmail.com)


Scholarship Programs - Supporting outstanding student’s those who are in need of financial support to sustain their Education.


Similar to many major cities in the developing countries, there is a gasping rich & poor divide in our community also, and the youth are unable to make use of opportunities provided to them from globalization due to lack of monetary support required for taking up professional skills. The project aims to sponsor the economically backward sections of youth & student community to take up required school & college education and achieve the valuable skills necessary to pull themselves & their family out of poverty, by financially assisting them during this crucial period of study.

In this project DCF aims to identify the economically backward sections of youths & students community who have excelled academically but couldn’t sustain their education because of their economic plights for an eligible education sponsorship support. Most of these students are orphans, semi orphans, and specially challenged ones. The record shows that these children have secured 90 to 95% in their board exams but need support for their further steps and that’s the uniqueness of this project. We are happy to see the students those who have been benefitted through this initiative. One such example is: Our first sponsor student has completed his B.E Mech from Anna University, Ramanathapuram campus and got placed in a MNC.

Watch out this video to see the impact of Project Kalangharrai Villakku - Sponsoring the education needs of the deserving students through DCF.

Way to apply for this program:

  1. Write a detailed letter to the president of DCF (contact given in the website)
  2. Attach a photocopy of your mark sheet
  3. Attach a photocopy of your community certificate
Upon scrutiny of the application the duly selected candidates will be notified.

For more details contact Mr. Vinoth (Ph: +919789958881; Email: vinodkumar.solomon@devasitham.com)

PROJECT VAZHIKATTI - (The Path shower)

Systematic and Organized Approach For The Career Counseling & Job Assistance


DCF realized on the importance of additional income for the economically disadvantage families from which the students belong as it motivates the youth in continuing their studies without having to worry about livelihood, and thus started the path breaking initiative of providing career placement & identifying Job opportunities for the disadvantaged students in its community.

Our efforts in this area along with active help from industry professionals bore ample fruit in getting employment opportunities in areas below. Many students have been placed in fulltime or part time through this initiative.

Register your name and details if you are looking for this initiative or contact Email: info@devasitham.com

3S – Snacks / Study / Shine

This project aims at developing the young minds but distracted due to drugs and other social evils.

8 slums as development centres. Each centre to accommodate 50 students. Children will be given a proteinous and healthy snack. The centre will also have some indoor recreations like carrom, chess etc for the children to play and then evening 2 hours study. As time goes children will be given life skills and necessary additional trianings.

Recharge – A final touch for final year students.

The current genre of students has enormous opportunities laid in front of them as we are speaking and the world is moving towards globalization. But the question is: Do we have enough skills from our students to compete in the current expectations. According to the statistics it is not.

Foundation identifies this as a biggest challenge and wants to equip the final year students for their next world of competency


Awareness and development among the Slums and Villages and Tribal’s empowerment..!


Pazhanthandalam is a mid sized village located in the district of Kanchipuram in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. It has a population of about 3856 persons living in around 871 households. (Description from Google). With many basic amenities are still to be fulfilled in short the village is 30 yrs backward to our economical civilization. Major occupation is working in stone –quarry for daily wages . This program was launched effectively from August 19 with a mass medical camp. Before this initiative we studied the village through surveys for six months. The report and follow up actions are summarized here.

Recent mission trip to Odisha tribal areas has sprouted some lights for DCF acts. Lot of challenges that could be converted into opportunities are in front of us.

Recently the DCF has expanded its working horizons beyond Chennai. The project team went on to work with seven tribal communities (Koluva, Katinga, Goberkutty, Kondhakeri, Kakkathunga, Dekaponga and Adava) in Orissa and identified some new opportunities in line with EEE objectives. The team was surprised to see the plight of the people living without electricity, medical centre, transportation, schools, basic amenity stores etc., and returned back with the heavy heart filled with new insights on the development activities that need to be addressed and cared to empower these people. The literacy rate is too poor due to the lack of awareness on importance of education and also due to the lack of transport, which de-motivated the children to travel a long distance for their schools. To sort out this issue, the project team has decided to build a solar powered study centre in “Koluva”, training centre in “Adava” and to train a person from the tribal community as a mentor to ensure sustainable development.

Towards EEE our next vision is to create DCF-solar powered Study centre for children in Koluva tribes and to start a DCF centre in Aduva-Odisha.

For more details contact Mr. Prem (Ph: +919710692692; Email: zion.prem@devasitham.com) and Mr. Selvakumar (Ph: 9884658977)